Matcha Moments Green Tea


Australian Green Tea | Japanese Matcha

This authentic handpicked green tea stimulates the senses with a smooth and grassy after taste. Blended with the finest, ceremonial grade Matcha powder in Japan, it will leave you in a state of zen.

Enjoy our truly authentic tea made from the finest plants.

  • Made from premium plant-based ingredients
  • Naturally organic (100%)
  • Aromatic, refreshing, calming scents of botanical extracts
  • Rich in the natural anti-oxidants of Vitamin C and flavonoids
  • Reduces skin inflammation
  • Helps you to relax and avoid anxiety
  • Improves fat burning 
  • Naturally warming and helps to improve body circulation
  • Rejuvenates the appearance of skin
  • Free from artificial flavours, colours, preservatives, and sugar 

Ingredients: Australian Green Tea (Camelia Sinensis), Japanese Matcha (Camelia Sinensis). 

These teas are packaged in glass cylinders wrapped in Washi paper to create a unique experience when opening. The idea is to emulate pulling the string on a traditional fire cracker, hinting at memories of childhood.

Our wellbeing range of original teas have been carefully selected and blended by a tea specialist in Sydney, Australia. All our delicate teas are made from organic-grade teas, which are cultivated using ancient methods. The ingredients we have chosen have a purpose and provide different benefits to your health and wellbeing. Each of our teas has a story, which have been created by the combinations of the ingredients. They can heal specific health conditions and help you to relax, nourish and cleanse from the inside out. 

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