Do BOTANICAL SIGNATURE products have an expiry date?

The label on your BOTANICAL SIGNATURE product displays an icon. This icon displays the number of months that your product will be at its best.

Where can I obtain a full list of product ingredients?

Every BOTANICAL SIGNATURE product is labeled with a detailed ingredient list. You can also find theingredient list through our website.

Can I use BOTANICAL SIGNATURE products during pregnancy and while breastfeeding?

We understand that many women seek alternatives to botanically rich products during pregnancy; however, to our knowledge, there is no risk associated with using any BOTANICAL SIGNATURE formulations in the manner we prescribe during pregnancy. Though, this information is not intended to replace advice from your qualified medical practitioner. We recommend that you speak with your obstetrician or dermatologist should you have any concerns regarding your particular circumstances.

Can I use BOTANICAL SIGNATURE products under makeup?

Yes, BOTANICAL SIGNATURE oil serums can be worn under makeup. As our products are oil-based, we recommend that your leave the product for a few minutes to fully absorb into your skin prior to applying makeup. 

How should I store my BOTANICAL SIGNATURE products?

We recommend you keep your products in a cool place away from direct light. The label on your BOTANICAL SIGNATURE product tells you how many months your product will be at its best. We recommend use of clean hands to keep maximum quality. 

Please note: Always store your products out of reach of children and / or pets.

Why are some BOTANICAL SIGNATURE products stored in glass containers?

A great number of our products are packaged in pharmaceutical-grade amber glass as the formulations contain a high concentration of natural plant-based botanical extracts, the stability of which cannot be guaranteed if they are housed in plastic. All ingredients used in BOTANICAL SIGNATURE products have been researched, tested and assessed for their safety, stability, efficacy and irritation potential. This is standard procedure for every ingredient, regardless of type, under consideration for use by BOTANICAL SIGNATURE.

What if I have an adverse reaction to a BOTANICAL SIGNATURE product?

Although it is rare, allergies vary from person to person and can occur across a wide variety of different ingredients. We always recommend patch testing products before first use as a precautionary measure. If you think you have had a reaction to a BOTANICAL SIGNATURE product, please discontinue using it and contact us for more information. A small proportion of people may experience skin irritation or allergic reaction when using essential oils. This may be characterized by a rapid onset of redness and/or pain in the skin exposed to the essential oil. If this occurs, discontinue use of the product.

We recommend that you do a patch test of the product before use on children’s or sensitive skin. Apply 2-3 drops of the mixture to the inside of your forearm.  After 48 hours, check for any irritation. If the skin is red, swollen, itchy or develops blisters, do not continue to use the product on your skin.

All cosmetic ingredients have the potential to irritate sensitive skin, regardless of the amount present in an individual product or the method in which it is used. Irritation can sometimes occur in the regular course of our daily lives, even when we have used and enjoyed a product successfully for many years. The trigger for a reaction can be an unexpected one and may not necessarily repeat itself in the same way. We ask that you consider any changes to your regular routine that may have triggered the reaction (dietary, contact with possible allergens such as household cleaning liquids, etc.).

Irritation is characterized by a rapid onset redness and pain in the skin exposed to the essential oil. It can occur with the first exposure. The skin generally heals without long-term problems, but you would probably not want to use the essential oil that caused the irritation again. If in doubt, always consult a healthcare provider you trust who is knowledgeable about essential oils or willing to investigate with you.

Should an adverse reaction occur, the best course of action is to discontinue use and, if necessary, consult your medical practitioner to establish whether you have experienced an irritation or an allergy. If the product is accidentally ingested, rinse mouth but do not induce vomiting.  If poisoning occurs, contact a doctor or the Poisons Information Centre: Phone 13 11 26 in Australia.

In the unlikely event that you experience an adverse reaction to a BOTANICAL SIGNATURE product, please discontinue use and return it to the place of purchase. Do not hesitate to contact us with the details of your reaction.

Please refer to our shipping and exchange policy for further information regarding the conditions of return and exchange.

Do BOTANICAL SIGNATURE products contain wheat or nuts?

Some of our BOTANICAL SIGNATURE products contain Wheatgerm (derived from wheat) and nut oils. The extraction methods for these ingredients remove allergy-causing proteins; however, we cannot guarantee that all traces have been eliminated. Therefore, if you have a gluten intolerance or a wheat, nut or soy allergy, we recommend that you patch test first or consult your medical practitioner before using any new skincare product. You can find the full ingredients lists on the packaging or our website, or contact us for advice.  

Do BOTANICAL SIGNATURE products contain parabens?

No. BOTANICAL SIGNATURE products do not contain parabens.

Do you use preservatives in your products?

No. All BOTANICAL SIGNATURE products are preservative free. This ensures the safety of our products for human health. 

Will the plant extracts of BOTANICAL SIGNATURE’s products make my skin oily?

Scientifically speaking, botanical oils closely resemble human skin in terms of their physical and chemical composition. This means that formulations containing these extracts are easily absorbed by the skin. We use three key types of plant extracts in our products: steam, CO2 extracted oils, and cold pressed extracted oils. All of the oils obtained by these methods are light and greaseless (and more volatile) when compared to synthetic mineral oils.

Are BOTANICAL SIGNATURE products tested on animals?

No. BOTANICAL SIGNATURE is a cruelty free company. BOTANICAL SIGNATURE is committed to acting in a responsible, accountable and transparent manner. We can confirm that we do not test our products or ingredients on animals and have not done so previously. We do not commission any external parties to test our products on our behalf. All new products are tested for safety during our product development process using cumulative irritancy testing on human volunteers. Before our products are released to the public, formulations are also assessed for safety by a qualified external agency, either a chemist or toxicologist. These agencies do not test on animals.

Are BOTANICAL SIGNATURE products suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

Yes, all our products are suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

What perfumes and fragrances do you use in your products?

We use only natural essential oil blends and extracts. No synthetic perfumes are used in BOTANICAL SIGNATURE products. 

 If your question has not been covered, contact us. 

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