Our approach towards design is based on the concept of representing natural beauty, which we treat just as preciously as delicate food. BOTANICAL SIGNATURE is represented by our focus on keeping our natural ingredients at a maximum in terms of their color and quality.

It comes with its own piece of history, as the traditional Washi paper has been exquisitely hand-made, all of our Washi is made in the small village of Ogawa in Japan, and takes four beautiful seasons from planting to final product to produce. As of November 27th, 2014, 3 types of Washi paper, including the Hosokawa-gami paper we use, was registered into the UNESCO list of Intangible Cultural Heritage for its use of the traditional art of “Washi” style paper making. Simple and delicate, yet unexpectedly sturdy, the whisper-weight Washi paper has a sophisticated warmth. These natural materials we have chose are created through environmentally friendly ways and show respect to our customers.

We focus on the approach it takes for the bottle to reach our hand and the attention to detail in the design. The greater focus we have on the environment means we are able to minimize the use of materials, resulting in the simple design. Cocooning the contents in a safe, non-leeching, UV protected environment ensures the light sensitive, antioxidant-rich, organic ingredients remain as active and effective as possible. The goodness of nature, the goodness of Washi, and the natural colour leave a delicate and sophisticated impression. The concept sheet, which also serves as the packaging material, is not of machine production. The use of Washi brings the sensations and texture of nature to the product and elucidates the respect for the material's warmth and essence. 

UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage - Washi Article

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