Aromatique Bath Salts Now Available

We have been working very hard to bring to you the most aromatic and luxurious bath salts just in time for Christmas!

  • MINT GEMS combines the coolness of mint and citrus infused Lemon Myrtle and White Grapefruit to provide an invigorating blend that relaxes the tired body and refreshes the mind.
  • ARABIAN NIGHTS incorporates a blend of the calm and deep aroma of a rare Sandalwood, the sweet and exotic Ylang Ylang flower, and a scent of Jasmine that  can be faintly drifted from a summer’s night.
  • PERSIAN PINK is embodied by the rosy-floral scent of Rose Geranium which has a balancing and comforting effect whilst the sweet and warm scent of Palmarosa has an uplifting aroma which helps to moisturize and soften the skin. 

These natural bath salts are now available on our site.