I especially love how fast-absorbing this product is. Because the oils used are lightweight, they quickly absorb into the skin and leave no greasy residue. My hands feel silky and moisturized, but I can go on with my day and, you know, touch things without leaving greasy marks everywhere.
— Cruelty-Free Kitty
Want to know how I keep my hair looking so darn silky and soft? Why of course I use @botanicalsignature’s hair oil doesn’t make my hair greasy keeps the knots away and it smells so beautiful.
— @freshlypickked
If you’re after lustrous shiny hair, you need to try this Healthy Glow Hair Oil Serum from @botanicalsignature. It’s full of conditioning ingredients that nourish and protect the hair! It absorbs into the hair nicely and little goes a long way!
— @thespotbeauty